Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"May I...?" Stammer, Stammer, Choke

I have a serious fear of talking on the phone.

This irrational fear became more apparent last week, when I made cold calls as part of a research study on newspaper advertising for the management-consulting firm I temped at last Thursday and Friday. And yes, after over two hundred calls I do feel it is vital express that I was not acting as a telemarketer, but a bona fide teleresearcher, if you will, for a company paying Bain & Co. a lot of money to make their decisions and thus, my $14 an hour for all 16 hours of hell.
Some of the numbers had names, I could ask for, others I had to politely convince the poor receptionist to put me through to someone to annoy. It got to the point where I was assuming what kinds of people were going to be assholes, lawyers, businesspeople. And for the people with names next to their phone numbers I tried to ESP to run away from their desks before I dialed the number.
So even now, I just made a call at my internship and it was very scary, just like making phone calls to boys I liked in high school, or in truth, the boys I liked last year.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lizzie texted me last night, "Are you alive my snow baby?"

"More like dirty slush baby."

So New York got over two feet of snow and I really didn't notice the amount until I walked to work Monday through dirty slush and stepped through black ice puddles that looked like asphalt. Lucky for me, my pleather boots turned out to be water proof. Unfortunately, they are not lined. If I had money beyond my budget I would be investing in some seriously geeky water proof, furry lined boots and a long parka with a faux fur hood, so I wouldn't just walk to work but stamp, jump, and conquer snow piles on my way. Those items would also have come in handy when it was snowing on Sunday and Dan suggested sledding in Central Park. If I had those items then I could have hit the hills in Central Park with all the cool kids in elementary school.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Countdown to Valentine's Day

Six days and ignoring. Actually, I was planning on making cute Valentines for friends and family, but I don't have the money because I'm living in NEW YORK. Yes, I have been without my own computer for 39 and counting. When one goes to a school like Virginia Tech, one has a major problem when one can't online shop at one's choosing. However, that was just an example because I'm not really sure what it is that I do when I sit in front of my computer and moreover, it is a horrible example because i live in NEW YORK so why would I shop online when I windows shop/shop on my way home from work everyday anyway?

So Happy Valentine's Day...