Monday, October 15, 2007

So I Decided to Run a Half Marathon...

Because I thought it would be a good way to meet boys. It wasn't. But it would be a GREAT way for boys to meet girls. It would be easy. Of course it's going to cost them months of training and they have to figure out a way to fundraise what most people would consider an obscene amount of money. Like $3900.

Ok, ok I didn't do it soley to meet boys. I've always wanted to run a half marathon. It was one of my two physical fitness goals. (The other being a pull-up, which I realize is never going to happen.) And I'd raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and since I have a friend who is a Lymphoma survivor, all the more reason to do it.

So I'm going to do it. Sunday. This FREAKING Sunday in San "Hilly as Hell" Francisco.

I'm going to run the farthest I've ever run: 13.1 miles.

I'll being visualizing the Gillies Special all the way through because on the back of the iPod that my friends gave me if says There's Gillies at the finish line. Which I realize isn't exactly true, but I can pretend.

Along with my other mantras: "Jenny Boom!" and "I am fucking awesome!" (Yup. I say that to myself when my legs turn into bricks That's totally embarassing.)

I'm running the Nike Women's Half Marathon, so therefore, it only makes sense that a bunch of hunky guys will be standing at the finish line to hand me my medal, a Tiffany's necklace in one of those fabulous turquoise boxes.

And there will be a pasta party! And a victory party! Followed by the NYC "Misbehaving Party!"

I'm excited.

It's been the hardest freaking thing I've ever done. Running this much. Raising nearly $4500.

But it's been good times:
-Wine Tasting in my apartment: complete with a book of maps that I pass around and brownies for the Cabernet Sauvignon AND the Kevin and Bethany dance showcase and the airator, man that thing was cool
-A pie eating contest: 15 jell-o chocolate pudding pies, 3 people, a total of 5 1/2 eaten. The winner, who consumer 3 pies, puked. He totes deserved the gift card. Sticking my face in pudding felt pretty nice. Like a really sticky, lickable facial mask. I probably wouldn't do it again. (But sign me up for the San Genarro canoli eating contest next year and I'll blow those professional eaters out of the water.)
-$484 in brownie sales at my office, and the 6th floor begging for more.
-getting "support" e-mails, which means someone else has donated. "WHO DO I LOVE TODAY?!?!"

Lists of Things, New York City Edition

Things I do not like:
-horns, I freaking hate them. Seriously there are signs in my
neighborhood that say don't honk, fine: $a lot of money
-cabs, they scare me
-the cost of apartments. a paycheck a month. i should become an
investment banker.
-the cost of cereal...$6! seriously?!!
-that I haven't found a bar i really like
-That there are all these GREAT restaurants and I don't get to eat their food
-The overwhelming possibilities of things to do, stresses me out when
all I want to do is sit on the couch
-When it rains
-When I sweat, profusely, just walking to the subway.
-Redsky, bastards did have my freaking purse!!!
-Gristedes evil cashiers
-That Baskin Robbins is two blocks from my house

Things I like:
-That Baskin Robbins is two blocks from my house
-The choose 6 toppings big ass salads. I can make them last and last.
-That you can get a mani/pedi for less than $25 Monday through Friday.
(Not that I've got one yet. I'm afraid I'll get addicted.)
-The parks! Especially Central Park and Madison Square park, they keep me sane
-The Brooklyn Brewery, freaking cooooool
-The NYC TNT coaches, soooooo crazy
-Free or pay what you wish museum nights
-Blockheads! Margaritas!
-Divine Bar
-The crazy Indian restaurant on the left side with Babu the world's
best waiter who calls me "my friend," and definitely hit on Jackie
-McSwirly's, two beers $4.50: Light or Dark
-Best Cellars tastings on Tuesdays, they always get me to buy
something though, luckily all wines are $15 and under and TASTY!
-That there actually is free stuff to do here.
-NO driving for Bridget. I suck at driving.
-No car for Bridget. It sucks when cars breakdown.
-The abnormal amount of cupcakeries in this city.
-the Greenmarkets...farmer's markets. yum. tomatoes.
-free tastings at Wholefoods, a delicious meal
-the Wholefoods at Columbus Circle, I swear if you have the guts to
make eyes at a hottie, you could get picked up.
-Film festivals!
-Sample sales
-the MArket NYC
-that i've seen Ben Stiller walking down the street and Molly Shannon
in a kids toy store.
-Outdoor FREE movies
-Annie and Jess's parties, especially when I make it to them
-wheeping in front of Outback steakhouse until strangers told me they
were going to call the cops
-Bagel Works
-Bagel and Schmeer
-Java Girl
-Cocoa Bar, a wine and chocolate bar begs the questions, "Why didn't I think of this?"
-playing beer pong in bars
-the pizza place near my house
-The cleaners next door. They are the cutest.
-The cashier at Bagel & Schmeer who looks like he's 14. Not that I
like em young, he's always smiling.
-concerts at Randall's Island