Monday, December 08, 2008

Advice from First Graders

Franklin: Ms. Bridget, you should paint your nails like my mom. She's a model. My dad is a wrestler.
Me: Oh yeah? What color?
Franklin: Um, yellow and blue and....(he ran off)

One day I attempt to paint my nails and it is a disaster. I show Frankline

Franklin: You need to get one of those, um...
Me: Manicure?
Franklin: Yeah, you need a manicure.

Me: Ralik, since I'm a student teacher...what kind of advice can you give me. What do you want your teacher to be like?
Ralik ponders for a minute and looks up at the ceiling.
Ralik: A princess.

Me: Jamil, what should I get my dad for Christmas? I never know what to get him.
Big smile. Huge eyes.
Jamil: A wrestling toy!!!