Monday, April 27, 2009

A Poem of Address

Dear Homework,
I don't like you and I never, ever will.
But I get to deal with you for the rest
of my life.
I get to give you.
I'll get to grade you.
Oh homework, whose brilliant idea were you?
I always tell my students that they should do their homework,
But right now I just don't really feel like doing mine.
So I am writing you a Poem of Address
Because I learned about those in school last week and
I think they're funny.

So how does it feel when the dog eats you?
How do you feel when you get forgotten at home?
How does it feel to be completely ignored
And left in a backpack all night long?

How do you feel when someone
makes you stay up all night while they work on you?
That's really inconsiderate.
I know you would like to go to bed and so would I.
But homework,
Right now I am procrastinating by
Writing you a Poem of Address.

Alright homework. Let's do it!