Thursday, December 06, 2007

Booze Quizz

In an effort to think of Hott Alcohol trends for our next issue, and procrastinate, I e-mailed my friends and mom a bunch of questions about beer, wine and spirits (not liquor!).

Some of my favorite answers:

1. Have you discovered a new beer/wine/spirit/cocktail this year that you love?
Yes! Hot Toddy's. Whisky, hot water, honey, and lemon. I feel like a grandma drinking it but it's so damn delicious and perfect during the cold weather. Grandma!!

1. (I realized this is the 2nd #1 question. I made a mistake.) If you've tried those crazy flavored vodkas, what do you think?
answer from a guy: They're good, but kind of fruity. So the kind of drink I order when nobody is watching.

2. Favorite cocktail?
Long Island When I asked this question, I was thinking more along the lines of 5. fancy cocktails served in Martini glasses, and I wasn’t thinking cosmos or Appletinis. And I get Long Island! I don’t even remember the last time I had one of those. Major trouble!)

does a car bomb count? hmm they should… if not i guess a wiskey sour.. a 70 year old man who drinks them at the club that’s baller

3. Favorite beer?
if i am in a bar then whatever the sam adams seasonal is (summer ale, oktoberfest etc.)
if i am grilling then corona light
if i am in pittsburgh yuengling or IC light
good logic

i discovered sam adams summer ale and blue moon...with lemons. they're not new, just new to me cuz i just started a life that includes beer. Sissy is growing up! I'm so proud.

4. Favorite wine?
Does Mad Dog count as a wine? Also, a boy answer

5. Have you tried sake? Cold? (That's the way the Japanese drink it!) Sparkling?
Yes! SAKE BOMBS! This really isn’t where I planned for this question to go.

6. Have you ever bought alcohol on the Internet?
Does beer on Fresh Direct count? Fresh Direct is lazy baller, but baller. So yes.

no, but i did look at absinthe once

no_ that sounds dangerous (shipping) I’m guessing dangerous for your bank account?

7. Have/would you ever visited a brewery, distillery or winery?


Yes...does Busch Gardens count? I did actually go to the brewery there.

Have or would you want to go to a wine, beer, spirit tasting/festival? Would you pay to do it?

i haven't...but i so would for wine or beer…unless i can count my brewing chem class as a festival...we drank alot of beer in that class apparently I should have paid attention in high school chem.

8. Have you visited the ultra hip nyc hot spot, Tasting Room Eldridge? Wasn't it totally awesome?!

Best night of my life! I think I ran into paris hilton there. Paris was in my apartment?!?!

Yes, I have been to the nyc hotspot, the Eldridge Tasting Room, but I was not offered anything to drink. I will say that it was quite crowded and I felt very lucky to find a place to sit. Thanks mom. That makes me feel cool.

9. What is a big deciding factor in your alcohol purchases? More for your money (PBR! Natty!)? Labels (Mom!)? Trying new brands/varietals (type of grape:Merlot Chardonnay)?

It's usually goes something like this "how drunk do we want to get tonight?" Which leads to the Cheap (lots of alcohol for the $) vs Expensive (not as much, but excellent tasting alcohol) decision.

10. Have you ever been a baller and ordered bottle service? Did you feel like a baller? Did you hang with P. Diddy and Paris? Was it awesome? Is your life now complete?

I have been with ballers who ordered bottle service. One gets quite drunk.

i was with kelly one time when she tried to con a bottle of champagne from a bartender....and that didnt work so she ordered it... and i did feel slightly more baller...and slight drunker because she did con some shots...and car bombs... but i didnt get to hang out with diddy and paris...just a bartender we named 'schlitz' and some dj who gave mo business cards.

In my younger days I was a total baller popping bottles left and right. I just felt poor. I met P Diddy once, does that count? hahahaha

no. i am not a baller. but i still think bottles of champagne
are the most baller shit ever. i love that you used baller. Why thank you!

Yes and it was awesome except for the part where the waiter asked me to sniff the cork. I told him I really liked him so I trusted him and didn't need to smell the cork. So smoooooooth. I'm an idiot. Is this a true story?

Once or twice...I think the clubbing scene is for douchebags but the times I have been wrangled into getting a table/bottle service was for someone's birthday, so I sucked it up. Nonetheless, it was fun - I felt like a baller until it was time to pay my credit card bill.

11. Have you ever ordered a tasting flight?
YES, OF BEER AT THAT PLACE IN G-TOWN where this old dude farted a lot…and his preteen kids were sitting at the bar with him

12. Is Bridget Eldridge the most awesome person you've ever met? (This question will be graded and the only options at A+ or F, so you better answer correctly or the Boogie Monster will be visiting your closet tonight.)
A++++++++ I totally phrased this wrong, I meant I was grading you and you were suppose to say yes (and not no).

the last two threats you ahve now given me are the boogy man and something involving sensored

I'd give Bridget an A+. Thank Jebus for the bell curve though. :P What?!?!