Friday, August 08, 2008

How I Got My 3rd Grade Class in Trouble

Who are these Jonas Brothers that were on "So You Think You Can Dance?" last night? And can they really play the guitar? And why didn't that one kid shave his pubescent mustache? That can't be cute....

I have a lot to learn about today's "kid culture." This summer, all my third grade girls were decked out Miley Cyrus T-shirts, Miley Cyrus school bags. Everyday at least one girl was wearing one and many days several of them were. I've never heard one of her songs. But I've watched about two minutes of "Hannah Montana." Way over the top. I couldn't handle it.

My roommate informed me as we watched the Jonas Brothers performance that one of them date Miley. And then she asked me how I didn't know this. Aren't I suppose to know this? Yeah, geeze yeah I am. Kid research comes with the job. I have my work cut out for me. Luckily, K. taught me the Soulja Boy dance this summer. And not only do I really need to see "High School Musical 2," I actually really want to.

I missed out on NKOTB as a kid. I either didn't have that much interest in Bop or I wasn't allowed to read it. I didn't get celebrity boy crazy until I was in high school—Leonardo DiCaprio, *N SYNC (drool).

But I understand crushes because I was a boy-crazy little girl with a record three boyfriends in preschool: my neighbor Nicky, my classmate James (poor kid always had to hold my hand) and the olda boy, kindergartener Lee. I really doubt my feelings were reciprocated, but in preschool I was only concerned about who I liked.

Liking boys. I get that.

So one day my cooperating teacher steps out of the classroom and one of my third girls pulls out her Jonas Brothers folder.

"Ew, you like the Jonas Brothers?" says one of the boys.

"Yeah," she says as she roles her eyes in a duh-of-course-I-do-he-is-HOTT kind of way. All the other girls are squealing.

"So you all like the Jonas Brothers?" I ask.

"Yessssss" Squeal. Giggle. Squeal. Squeal.

I know nothing about these guys so I bring it back to a surefire super hottie for third grade girls because I have seen "High School Musical" and I did enjoy it.

"What about Zac Efron?"

Eruption of Squeals. It is loud. I am laughing. Boytalk with little girls is absolutely hilarious.

Boytalk is apparently not appropriate in school.

A student teacher from across the hall comes into our room. "Can you guys keep it down, our class is trying to take a test?"


My cooperating teacher walks about into the room.

"What is Ms. C's class doing?!?!?!"

Double opps.