Friday, November 16, 2007

Hair Traumas

Who doesn't get out of adolescence without giving themselves a haircut? Who succumbs to giving themselves a haircut as an adult?

I 'd venture to guess that just about everybody out there cuts their own hair as a kid. I cut my bangs because I hated my new chin-length haircut. I wanted it "cut long." I look sad in all the Easter pictures that year and I'm pretty sure it was because I looked like a goon, but I don't really remember. But I haven't forgotten that a girl never gets over a bad haircut.

I got my most recent horrendously bad cut within two months of moving to New York. I didn't know where to go, and I chose an expensive place because I figured that would be safe. I was wrong and have only been getting my haircut when I go home to DC.

But that still wasn't as bad as the time I let my friend cut my hair freshman year of college. My friends said I looked like a wedding cake and a Christmas tree, but claimed it looked good. Liars.

I haven't had a cut since March , so it's split-ended like crazy.

In the summer, I got away with the messy, I just rolled out of bed, jumped in the shower, put some product in my hair and let the humidity make crazy look. And it sort of worked.

But now it's cold, and I have to dry my hair and it looks superbad—no matter what.

So last week I made myself late to work because I decided to give myself a haircut.

It was a last resort. I had tried to convince my boyfriend—who cuts his own hair and it look good—to cut my hair. But when we were standing in his bathroom, him with his scissors in his hand and me telling him to "just trim the ends and oh I should wet my hair first," he decided it was a bad idea. Probably a smart decision on his part.

At first I thought my self-cut look wasn't so bad. No Nick Arrojo look, but definitely better.

But today…I realized that I can't get away with such a stunt and I just can't freaking wait for my free Bumble and Bumble haircut in two weeks.


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