Monday, November 12, 2007

So Three Kids Walk into a Bar…

… dressed as midget versions of their favorite “adults”— Snow White, Batman—and their mom, or nanny, is chilling in the doorway with a stroller.


It’s Halloween at a bar in New York City.

I’m at happy hour with my co-workers, drinking some Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and while I knew kids hit up local businesses for candy in the city, I was surprised to see that some grown-ups are cool with letting kids trick-or-treat at a bar.

The Artica bartenders seemed to have the same feeling as they didn’t have any candy. The first group of kids were offered “their first beer” (a bottle of Miller Lite, which I believe was the first beer I ever tasted at 4-years-old), and ultimately the bartender gave the little girl quarters.

And then another pack showed up—middle school kids. The bartender told them they had no candy, but to come back in 10 minutes. Had the bartender offered those kids a beer, they probably would have tried to take it. Well, that’s what I would have done at that age.


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