Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Christmas Freaking Miracle, Volume II

Maybe I've avoided this little diddy because this is where it all starts to get hazy. Judgement was out the window at this point.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Seriously, not what you think, this was a night all in good fun, but remember I had planned on NOT getting drunk and I was pretty drunk as this point.

So we go to the after party at the bar that will not be named because I HATE, LOATHE and DEPISE it and all the people that work there. It is packed with my fellow co-worker, many of whom I had just become best friend with hours previously and most of which I have yet speak to again beyond, "Hi." (At the time, I thought, "I love these people. I am friends with EVERYONE!" But everyone goes back to pretending like no one else exists. Working world is soooo high school all over again, it's frightening.)

I'm chatting it up with my boss, and our now senior editor who found out she was promoted minutes before the Christmas party began and so I'm telling my boss, that I totally agree with his decision and was really happy to hear about it because she totally deserves it.

Luckily, he could not be convince to do a car bomb and left for home, because I was easily persuaded and while I do remember doing one, I was later told we did two...which makes some sense because everything else at that bar is as follows in no particular order:

-I realized that men, no matter their "status"--single, married, "meet my girlfriend"--are sleezy bastards, and that if provoked with alcohol they will hit on on young women with techniques ranging from very subtle gestures to the drink-tossing worthy crassness.

-A co-worker told me I was a "catch," when, I'm guessing, I was crying/whining about not having boyfriend.

-I got backed into a corner with my girlfriend by the "Skeezy Guys" I'd been hearing about forever

-I talked to someone about biking across the Brooklyn bridge when he was all up in my face and that is when...

I got yanked out the bar (leaving my purse on the floor), however I remember to get my bag with two bottles of wine I was bringing to Annie and Jess's Christmas/House Warming Party that I'll never make it to...


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Well said.

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