Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh Snap, I've turned into My Grandma

My dad's mom, Peg, was big on reusing things that should probably not be reused. As a kid, it was torture, torture to watch this woman open a present because she opened it soooooo carefully so she could reuse the wrapping paper. I did not understand this at all.

A present, the most exciting thing in world, is in your lap and you delaying the discovery of what it is? What is wrong with you?!?! Rip IT OFF!!! Tear! TEAR TEAR!!!

(Christmas morning was race to see who could open all their presents first—my sister or me. So I could just not understand this slow, methodical way of opening a present.)

As I got older and more impatient, teenagers are like soooo busy and important, it just got annoying.

Oh goody, let's what Grandma open another present. Sure I have all day, it's not like I'm waiting for a boy to call me or anything. Hmph.

However, today I understand the importance of making moments like this last. Christmas morning lasts a lot longer these days. Mom have you made the coffee? Is there a lot? A lot, a lot Mom. When I do indulge in 4-buck-cup aka a Tall, Nonfat Latte from Starbucks these days, it is a treat.

I'e been "pulling a Grandma" with plastic bags. I have been, um, reusing the little plastic snack bags I put pretzels or raisins in. This, of course, is a means to save money, it's NEW YORK freaking expensive CITY y'all. Baggies accumulate in my purse. I'm a tool. I carry around plastic baggies. This would be very conveinent if someone cut their finger off, but I guess we'd have to wash the bag first.

But my reusing of plastic obsession got a little sicker today. I decided to make an omlet because I had a yellow pepper and a tomato from the Union Square farmers market in my fridge. After I grated the cheese, which was the last bit of the block, I saved the saran from the cheese to cover the leftovers. And then it hit me, Whoa! This is something Grandma would have done! ha. Uh oh. It's never pleasant moment for a woman when she realizes that she has turned into her mother—or grandmother.


Anyway, that aside. Although Grandma saved all that wrapping paper over the years, I NEVER saw it again. My grandparents usually gave us money as presents—in an envelope. But one would think that I would have seen that damn Sally Foster wrapping paper again.

What did she do with it? Stack it in a closet, creating the world's biggest fire hazard? Did my grandfather throw it away once they got home? This is really starting to bother me.


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