Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let's Go Hokies InYourFace!

There’s one sure fire way to be catcalled in New York: Virginia Tech clothing. You, the unassuming victim, will be walking down the street minding your own business when, “YEAH! WOO!” There’s a screaming girl walking down the street towards you, a girl, not a construction worker, not a skitzo, a normal looking girl.

You ask yourself (in an Australian accent): “WTF, mate?”*

And before you pass each other by, she gets in your face:


Ah, but of course, you are wearing a Virginia Tech Hokies hat.

While this happens to me on a regular basis, just last week there was a run in with a dreaded Ooova-er.

“AH!” Imagine the voice of a cartoon super hero’s nemesis. “A..HOKIE!” he says with spite, spite! “A whole pack of Hokies! Gah! I went to U-V-A!”

I whip around, stick out my chest to proudly display VIRGINIA TECH FOOTBALL on my t-shirt, definitely my nemesis, “BOOOOOO UVA!” I yell waving emphatic THUMBS DOWN motions.

But sometimes, I’m the one catcalling the Hokies. Just today there was an unassuming (the person is always unassuming) kid is walking down Park Avenue and I see him.

Oh, I’m sooo saying something.

I actually get in his face—geeze, what’s wrong with me—as he passed by, “Let’s gooo HOKIESEEES!!!”

He turns around and I’m still smiling at him like a dirty, sweaty, catcalling construction worker, only I’m a dirty, sweaty, badly dressed 9-to-5-er who has removed the sweater of her outfit that is SO FALL and is wearing a tan tank top that makes me, maybe, but hopefully not, look naked.


*Scary Side Note^: Über-popular at VT two years ago, this animated cartoon at is now completely outdated and just made me very, very old.
^Even Scarier Side Note: I still use most of the cartoon's "funny" phrases on a regular basis. woot...


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