Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Sometimes, New York makes me feel like I might be a crazy person. So, when I was reading the New York Magazine's "Summer Guide" issue that suggested I take a Nano Vacation, I repeated, "Cold Spring, NY, Cold Spring, NY, Cold Spring, NY" three-times fast and then I forgot about it.

Luckily, I was reading the magazine at the gym and hadn't finished going through the issue, so I went back and checked, ("Cold Spring, NY, Cold Spring, NY, Cold Spring, NY" three-times fast) and still forgot, but thankfully nymag.com came to the rescue!

And oh, did I do everything Corrie suggested, Foundry Café ($9 sandwich! holy shit. But as my dad always says, "Well since we're on vacation..."), Hudson Valley Outfitters for directions, because the the cute little old man at the Visitor's Center (a hut-like concrete structure) couldn't tell me how to get there. So I got in for directions and feel like I should buy something since I was going to be asking for directions. $8 bug spray! Holy shit again ("OK, since I'm on vacation...") and the lady tells me that I need a map. Efffff. Do I have "NYC Asshole" stamped on my forehead? I just bought BUG SPRAY FOR EIGHT DOLLARS AND SIXTY-THREE CENTS!!!, so, NO, thank you.

OK, I did almost everything, I definitely didn't make it the whole 4.5 miles. I might walk that much each day around Manhattan, seriously. But there are no major hills covered with rocks that bust open my forehead if I fell. I was also without someone with me to keep me going. Bridget! One we get to the top, we get to climb a BIG rock to see the ENTIRE WORLD! Really? Yeah. Oooooh, the ENTIRE WORLD! So. I stopped. I turned around. I slipped a little and freaked out that I would break my leg ALONE in the wilderness. Because THAT would happen to me.

I was taken aback when I stopped and what did I hear? Nothing. And then the bugs started up. But that nothing was pretty special.

The Hudson Valley Trail complete with Nature! Dirt! Bug Bites! A wilderness trail less than a mile from the train station! No honking! No sirens! No people talking on cell phones! (Except during the 1 1/2 hour train ride, of course.) Exclamation point!

And documented by my lovely CAMERA PHONE:

grass! rocks! dirt!

a plant that i cannot identify!

the hudson river!

cold spring's record store.

what prompted me to say that i might want a mini van one day, shut up.


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