Thursday, July 13, 2006

So I Never Did Find Out What Happened

with the BOMB SCARE.

I forgot to watch the news. Opps.

And the next day I frantically looked from Metro New York: nothing; spent the first hour, or so...looking up stuff online: nothing; brought it up with my boss at lunch: a very disinterested-this-happens-all-the-time-"Oh yeah? Did you hear about the other one the other day?"

SO! I don't know what happened and so-called o'mighty seeks of truth, ahem, journalists have FAILED me. But my dad and my co-worker suggested that since no one died the story wouldn't be published, so as to not encourage any crazy bastards. Point taken.


Do the o'might seeks of truth know that little ol'me was making herself a salad when her actress roommate burst through the door of the hallway-kitchen entrance and said (dramatically!) :

"There's a bomb scare!"

"A what? Are you joking?"

"I just talked to a lady and she said that they've tackled a man in front of the Chirping Chicken aand that he went in there with fake bomb a couple of days ago, but today he has a real bomb. There's police! And fire trucks! And the street is blocked off!"

"I JUST ate there!"


"You should go out and see it!"

Then I couldn't really get myself out the door, Do I need my keys? Do I need a space suit? A shield? My dinner! I lie, I was just worried about my keys because I locked myself out of my apartment back in April. And my dinner.

Once outside: Why am I walking towards a bomb? Stupid. Yet, so curious! Oooh. Lots of cute firemen. Oh. I don't look so good, I was planning on doing laundry. First Avenue is blocked. Can't get to laundry mat. Involuntary procrastination. Sweet.

A curious observence: some New Yorkers didn't even care about this. Emotion, please! They were going for a run! They were going to catch a cab! Ha. Suckers. Point is: there were many people that tried to cross blocked-off First Ave.

And later when it was over and traffic had started flowing again. you would have never know it happened. On the way to the laundry mat I saw detectives talking to a man in a tie-dyed shirt, the same man people mentioned when I was standing around outside? There was a ton of broken glass on the opposite side of the street, but it might not have been related. The Chirppin Chicken was serving food. I was the only one still confused, curious and worried. To everyone else, it was late, dark and as Annie likes to say, "already tomorrow."


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