Friday, June 09, 2006

Frenchmen. Frenchmen. Everywhere.

The bootycall is living in an apartment with Frenchmen. And I can't get "Hee hee hee! Haw haw haw!" from The Little Mermaid's "Les Poissons" out of my head. It was a giggle fit at Lizzie's apartment last weekend when we could hear them speaking French upstairs, but were too shy to say, "HALLO!" So when we left her apartment, we spoke in bad French accents the rest of the night.

Lizzie: "I want to run up there and yell, 'SACRE BLEU!'"

I still haven't gotten over HOW FRENCH they pronounce their own names...DaMEEON! and OLeeeVIEER!

But it seems that it is le week of le french, because I was in Starbucks wearing these very awesome shoes:
The Polka Dots

When the man in line behind me said, "Ah! Beeautiful shoes!"

"Oh! Thank you!"

"Very beautiful!"

"I got them in Italy." LOVE telling people that.

"Oh! Well! I am FRENCH!"

Mental: "HE! HE! HE! HAW! HAW! HAW!"


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