Friday, June 09, 2006

Ben Stiller! Part 2

I tried to write something. I failed. So I bring you, fair internet, an IM conversation—in pure unedited typing debauchery—between sissyface and myself regarding the week's Us Magazine-worthy event.

me: i saw ben stiller!
sissy: how?
me: how what?
sissy: how did you see him?
sissy: ben stiller
me: i was walking to central park with lizzie he was wlaking in the opposite direction
sissy: just by himself?
sissy: did you walk right past him?
me: yes and yes
sissy: wait so ben stiller
sissy: explain
me: he was walking and i was in awe
me: blushed and asked lizzie if that was really him
me: and she was like: mouth haning open
sissy: and he walked right by you?
me: yup
sissy: dizzy damn
sissy: did he look at you?
me: yup
sissy: were other people noticing him?
me: he knows i exist!!
sissy: hahahaha
me: not really
sissy: whoa dude
sissy: did he smile at all?
sissy: or was he like oh geez
sissy: peeeeooooooople noticingme
me: he smiled because we probably looked like blithering idiots
sissy: hahaha
sissy: that's cool
me: i think it was: these girls are dumb
sissy: see you can't just say that you saw ben stiller
sissy: you have to say that ben stiller walked by and looked and smiled at you
me: and knows i exist!!!
me: he was short
sissy: oh really?
me: if he married lizzie and they had kids...the kids would be pocket-sized
sissy: like 8 or 9 million people in the city and you ran into ben stiller
sissy: hahahahahaha
sissy: pocket-sized
sissy: they should name one of them polly


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