Sunday, June 18, 2006


At my sissy's 22nd bday BBQ today, I learned that my mother, my father and the DeBucks witnessed my second kiss EVER.


I don't even remember that boy kissing me goodbye. Apparently, my mom does.

Did they witness the god-awful-open-mouth-swirling-tongue-bit that was my first kiss? Or was the second round more tasteful? (Ha. Taste.)

I do remember the first kiss as it was long awaited. Since, like, the first day I of high school. And I was already in the middle of my sophmore year! I had spent the better part of my freshman year swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titantic" (FOUR times in the theater!) and at least once a week in "Romeo and Juliet." (Oh the pool scene!) I just knew that my first kiss was going to be AWESOME, even if I had to wait for it, for like forever.

I finally got that kiss when I turned 16. During my sweet 16th birthday party. He a freshman. Who became my boyfriend for a month. And now I know why my mom didn't like him.

It was a majorly lame first kiss. A bunch of people were in my room and then everyone cleared out. We sat on my bed. Our lips met, we opened our mouths and swirled our tongues in a circular motion. It was: EVERYTHING I DREAMED IT WOULD BE.


Anonymous LAURITA ELDRIDGO said...


you know he got hott!?!?! you should have waited for that, freak-o.

1:38 AM  

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