Friday, June 23, 2006

Let's Go Hokies! I mean, Yankees! I mean, Pointy Shoes?

I just returned from my very first New York Yankees game. And if that's not New York enough, I wore heels. Really super cool white heels that I got in Venice, Italy—very pointy and witch-like, with zippers and studs.

I wanted to take a pic of my shoes with the field in the background, but we were with Jessica's uncle and I didn't want to freak him out by swinging my feet over the seat in front of me (no one was sitting there when I came up with this brillant work of art in my mind's eye) and whipping out my camera phone to document the event. Italian shoes + Yankees game = If one of the players saw my shoes, he would totally want to date me.

Why was I wearing heels you ask? Because Jessica got the tickets in the middle of the work day and I didn't have time to go home and change because we were...what was that? The flip-flops I walk to work in? Yes, I had them in my bag the whole time. Huh? Well, because I didn't want to wear them! I wanted to wear my damn heels! They look so good! Shut up! NO! My feet do NOT desperately hurt because I ALWAYS RUN AROUND NEW YORK IN HEELS JUST LIKE CARRIE BRADSHAW!

I lie.

But! If there was such a place as fashion heaven, shoes would be my saving grace. In a city like New York where people are running around looking so damn good all the time, I have realized that I:

-am not fashionable, AT ALL
-couldn't afford to be even if I wanted to be.

Luckily, most of my shoes ROCK and people compliment them.

I would like to be more fashionable, alas, I realize that with no Stacey and Clinton in sight, I will be continuing to leave my apartment every morning looking like a dork.

Time Out: If I ever saw Stacey or Clinton on the street, I would stop them and beg them shamelessly for help.

It didn't always used to be like this. I remember being at the mall in 4th grade, standing in front of a mirror at Hetch's while my mom waited in line at the cashier and thinking about HOW GOOD I looked. I was wearing my hair DOWN (big deal, I hated to shower in those days and only did so once a week) and was dressed in a white pocket t-shirt from the GAP (which, with the Limited Too, I considered to be the ONLY acceptable stores, but was OBSESSED with the Gap) tucked into my jeans that were rolled and folded up over my white socks (when I changed the color of the t-shirt, I would change the color of the socks so they MATCHED, very important) and my school shoes that were basically black leather cowboy boots that stopped at the ankles, more like cowboy shoes. This was my quintessential outfit. This was fashion. In DC. (Oh we are so plain in DC.) But that was 1992 and I did. look. DAMN. GOOD.

But 14 years later, it's 2006 and I desparately need summer clothes that I can wear to work. I counted a mere four shirts that are short sleeves in closet. Yikes!

The last time I faced the shit-I-have-to-actually-dress-myself-everyday experience was a couple of weeks into college. After 12 years wearing a uniform, dressing yourself in the morning within five minutes is just NOT possible. Of course, a few weeks later I discovered a new uniform—jeans, flip-flops and a t-shirt or sweatshirt...

So this was suppose to be a post about going to a Yankees game and yet I rambled about my wardrobe (I totally care about sports) and that I always feel like a major dork, especially when I wear those khaki pants from the Gap that are cut REALLY bad, but were only $17.

So yeah, next time I'm in DC wearing the college uniform and someone says, "Oh, I thought you would be wearing, you know, pointy shoes, since you live in New York."

I'll say, "I do. I wear them to Yankees games!"


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