Monday, July 31, 2006

Ode to Le Camera Phone

I was going to post some totally rocking pictures that I took with my camera phone, but alas, the internet has decided that I am NOT ALLOWED!


I've become quite the Japanese tourist. I take pictures all the time with my camera phone. ALL the time. Enough that I made people pose for a camera phone pic during dinner tonight. Yikes.

My digital camera has been broken for the last year as I left it in my backpack during one too many swim practices and it conked out. I have yet to fix it. But! It has been sitting in my apartment in NYC for a couple of months. Progress from sitting at home in McLean.

While I would take awesomely good pictures with my high tech Canon Rebel! that I bought two years ago all the time it:
a) uses film, which costs money that I don't have for the bad pictures I will inevitably take
b) is obvious, which is thumbs down when you are trying to photograph Dr. McDreamy or white leggings, yes WHITE! I know, you so want to see them. Gosh! Stupid Internet.

Unfortunately the camera phone takes pictures of the utmost crappy resolution—but without I would have missed documenting:
1. that I was three feet from McDreamy. drool.
2. Jess cleaning herself after falling in a mud puddle. HA!
3. the rabbit/French fight in Washington Square Park.

Oh wow internet, you are holding yourself in suspense. Why are you being so silly!?!


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