Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bottle Shots

So today I’m doing a little background research on a brand’s new Web site that’s listing Alana Cumming as one of its “trendsetters.” And since Alan and I go way back to May—I averted my eyes as he passed by me at Iriving 71 and then I, no joke, found $20 (always wanted to say that)—I was surprised to see that he has launched a fragrance, “Cumming the Fragrance.”* He never told me about it anyway.

Yikes, Alan, cheesey bottle. And what are those thumbnails at the top, pictures of you? Hmmm, you have a piereced nipple, well I never knew that. Um, wait a minute, lots of sexy half-naked/totally-naked-just-not-showing-anything Alan Cumming pictures to sell a cologne? Why would…..oooh, I am definitely out of the target audience for this ad campiagn.

And oh my gosh, I’m at work and if anybody saw that, thumbs down.

*Hmm, cannot link the actual site, but type in Cummingthefragance.com to see Alan in the semi-nude. teehee


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