Friday, May 12, 2006

The List

1. Detective Stabler (Why would I use his real name? It is so much cooler to say Detective Elliot Stabler. If I were him, that'’s how I'’d introduce myself.) at the Westin Hotel in Time Square.
It was my third or fourth day in New York and I went by to pick up a copy of Where Magazine. And they were obviously filming. I stuck around to watch, but didn'’t think anything of it. This cute old lady came up to me to ask if I knew what was going on and I said I didn'’t. She suggested that it was a commercial. Ten minutes later Detective Stabler walks by and I think how do I know him? And then I pull a total giddy sorority girl on the old lady and she totally does the same and we squeal.

2. Ice-T was also at the filming. He looks like such a bad ass even from far away.

3. Jerry O'Connell was on the May 2006 issue of Men's Fitness and a friend of a friend was doing an internship with the company that put on the party at Nikki Beach.
Favorite quote of the evening: I have to reside in L.A. because of my job.

4. Blythe Danner may or may not have been reading the newspaper in Bryant Park. I did the whole, "How do I know her thing?"” again.

5. Elisa Donovan was at a showing of Kiss Me Again in the Tribeca Film Festival that I attended.
In my personal opinion, this 15-minutes of Clueless-fame star should have stuck to mean girl persona as opposed to the pyscho lesbian lover she played in this movie.

6. Surprisingly in the same night, David Blaine was in a fish bowl in Lincoln Center.

7. Alan Cumming decided to go to Irving 71 on Thursday when I decided to get a medium Chai at Irving 71.

And then I found $20, and who knows, maybe Alan Cumming dropped it.


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