Saturday, May 06, 2006

Of Course I Can Tell You Where a Good Bar Is. Walk that Way and You'll be in the East Village. Which One Should You Go to? I have NO Idea!

Last night Annie and I were walking around trying to decide what to do. (Like always, because we are bad decision makers.) And this couple stopped us and asked us what direction they should go in to find a bar.

How the heck did they think we live here? Because honestly, I'm just a tourist that happens to pay rent in New York.

We decided it was one of two things...

1. We crossed the street when the light was red. (Tourists do NOT cross when the Red Hand says it's not safe. It could be 3 am without a car in sight and visiting friends tell me that I'm not allowed cross the street.)

2. We were carrying big handbags. (When you live in New York you never know how long you'll be gone so you might as well have everything you might need with you. It was 10 pm and I hadn't been home since 8:30am.)

Maybe I'm a pseudo-tourist. I walk fast down 5th Avenue, but I always stop at Rockerfeller Center. I go to Lincoln Center to see David Blaine in the fish bowl, but only because I'm already in the area and do NOT wait in line to wave at him. I buy the big soft pretzels from vendors, but only because I don't have time to make myself dinner. Jerry O'Connell arrives at the Men's Fitness party and I follow my friends to get a look at him, but I vocalize that I'm not impressed.

It's a good thing my digital camera is broken and in D.C. or else I would have taken pictures of all of the above.


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