Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How to Save Money in New York...Or Why I Don't Go to the Gym

Call it my latest excuse--in the past year I set foot in a gym once, after the pneumonia and before the broken foot--but we all have to make sacrifices if we want to live in New York. And it's not like I haven't worked out in the past year. I went on a five-mile hike--panting--two days after my cast came off--like a dog. A few times last summer I donned some flippers and swam laps after lessons. And last fall I would run--walk--around my neighboorhood.

So when I moved here I wasn't about to dish out $75 for a gym membership that I wasn't sure I would use. Surprisingly, I am in better shape than before I moved here. Case in point--I actually ran around my neighboorhood over the weekend.

While I can't call myself "in shape" at this point in time, I was amazed that I ran so far--seven minutes!--over the weekend. (Yes, I'm seriously excited that I ran for SEVEN minutes.) The only other time in my life I was surprised by my athletic ability was after freshman year of college when I got my all-time best breaststroke time and the only explanation was that I had been lifting the past year. So why could I run as far as I did last weekend without getting cramps?

Was I working out without realizing it? Sleep-running? Hardly. Then it hit me...I have become more of a power-walking fiend than any of the old ladies in my McLean neighborhood. Which explains why everyone that's come to visit seems to be lollygagging.

I dodged people, strollers, dogs, and sparks flying from construction sites everyday as I walked to work on 47th and 3rd. I've gone on long exersions that took me from Chelsea to Tribecca to the Financial District and NoHo, which lasted all afternoon and always involved shopping and cupcakes. I climb stairs in the subway stations when the escalators are out of service, frequently, or by choice, once. Last week I trekked to the UPS building, which is pratically in New Jersey. And this week I unloaded, organized, and put away $400-worth of bulk-packaged groceries, I had ordered for the XE Capital office.

So without the help of Jenny Craig, The Biggest Loser, or my local Y, I am on my way to the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, if I can find a kid to steal a patch from.


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