Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"May I...?" Stammer, Stammer, Choke

I have a serious fear of talking on the phone.

This irrational fear became more apparent last week, when I made cold calls as part of a research study on newspaper advertising for the management-consulting firm I temped at last Thursday and Friday. And yes, after over two hundred calls I do feel it is vital express that I was not acting as a telemarketer, but a bona fide teleresearcher, if you will, for a company paying Bain & Co. a lot of money to make their decisions and thus, my $14 an hour for all 16 hours of hell.
Some of the numbers had names, I could ask for, others I had to politely convince the poor receptionist to put me through to someone to annoy. It got to the point where I was assuming what kinds of people were going to be assholes, lawyers, businesspeople. And for the people with names next to their phone numbers I tried to ESP to run away from their desks before I dialed the number.
So even now, I just made a call at my internship and it was very scary, just like making phone calls to boys I liked in high school, or in truth, the boys I liked last year.


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