Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Boogie All Night

My family is crazy in the loud-obnoxious-fun way. My mom is the youngest of three Irish sisters. Being one of the youngest cousins I've met lots of boyfriends and girlfriends over the years and I've always felt sorry for them being thrown into the company of a bunch of hyena-laughing women. Yowzers! To this day my cousin Josh has yet to bring around a girl, and he's in his 30s, even to his brother's wedding this past weekend.

Randy married Charlotte who is gorgeous and has three awesome kids. Of course my aunt, The Queen, has been spoiling the kids for months. And now I understand why...5 year-old Willem was dancing with me until he had to run off, but told me he'd be back in a minute. When Willem returned, he had put on his jacket and was his fastening his buttons. What a gentleman! I'll boogie to that!


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