Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The End of a First Job

How many people do you know that were "fired," "let go," "released," "weren't a good fit" for their first job out of college? And not just any job, a job that person actually liked, enjoyed, considered her dream job...kind of. Not everything was perfect, I can't deny that.


Tomorrow is the fine holiday of Thanksgiving. As a VT graduate I like to think of it as a national celebration of "The Hokie Bird"! We may have lost to Miami, excuses...that was a horrible game...MarcusVickIHATEyou!

Wait,wait...this just in...the Catholic Church isn't allowing gay men to become priests anymore. Whoa! Oh but don't worry Arlington Diocese, already ordained priests won't be affected. Now, if priests aren't suppose to be "getting it on" why does that matter?

And why exactly are kids growing up in a world where 4 year olds that want to marry me are being told by their older brothers that it's against the law? Statutorily, I value and support the law. But otherwise—roadtrip to Massachusetts!

Back to "t-day" as my girlfriends' listserv is calling it. I used to hate Thanksgiving until I went away to college, and not just because I was a Hokie, but because home cooked food is mouthwateringly good.

Alright "holler" to Annie Starler!!


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