Thursday, December 15, 2005

A New York Holiday

Over the weekend I visited rookie New Yorker Annie Superstar-ler for some laughs, shots, and good ole shopping. Arriving in the city the day after a snowfall I realized the functionality behind Ugg boots. They must really be warm because everyone from 2 year-olds to 62 year-olds strutted around in the sheepish footwear. But the fashionistas took the look to another level donning boots with fur on the outside. Yowza!

Annie missed the Rockerfeller Center tree lighting because you had to get seats a 3 p.m. for the 9 p.m. lighting. So we thought we’d go check it out. What a mistake! It was a mob scene. The road in between Rockerfeller Center the NBC studios was closed, but cars still managed to creep into the pedestrian traffic honking at the winter-revelers capturing memorable polaroids of their kids with Shrek, Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob and the Grinch.

Once we hit 5th Ave. the Saks building’s giant snowflakes that lighted in tune with the same Christmas carol over and over and over was (I assume) insaning the membrane of New York’s finest who were directing the holiday traffic.

“Look! The American Girl Doll Store! We have to go Annie!”

“You want to?”


The American Girl Dolls had been the day’s running joke ever since a mom asked us if the subway would take her to 51st and Lexington.

“That’s where the American Girl Store is, right?”

We had been analyzing the dolls and discussing how we hated the dolls-that-look-just-like-you. The AGDs teach young girls about history through the books they come with. That is the point.

We also decided Samantha is the best of the collection because we both had her. But her hair always got dusty because you couldn’t brush it.

So, we go into the store, and we were prepared for it to be a mad house, we were prepared to find new dolls of America’s past, but we were not prepared to find a new doll of the same period.

“Who’s this bitch?” I asked as I picked up a blonde doll dressed in purple standing next to Felicity.

“Oooh this one’s Elizabeth!” I hear a 10 year-old say to her mom.

The AGD Store was the highlight of Annie’s day. And I have to admit it was pretty cool.

“OK. Can you be ready by 10:30?” Annie asks me because I’m always late.

“Yeah, sure.”

“You sure?”

“I’m just always the late one because I do everything last minute because I hate waiting around for other people,” I say.

Epiphany! I am such a jerk. I hate waiting around so I make other people do it for me all the time. News year’s resolution—mental note.

I was excited for the night out to begin because we were going to go to Bed. (Yeah drunk kid thought that was pretty funny to say.) I was excited because it was in “Sex and the City.” But first we were meeting up with Annie’s friend in Alphabet City. Which is where “Rent” was set so I’m singing, “ taaake meee oooOOUUT tonight!” (Side note: the night before when I was singing that line, Hester finished it off with “I don’t wanna let you go till you see the light.”)

When you get in a taxi, you never know what kind of driver you’re going to get. Is the driver going to be talking on his phone the whole time? Does he want to talk to you? Are you going to be able to understand him? Our cab driver that night sure was into talking.

“So you guys going to get into anything good tonight?”

“Yeah cause it’s my last night here, well maybe not something good, but something bad.”

Ooooh Snap. I called that one. Short version: We go to a bar where everyone is dressed like Santa? The pirate shamelessly hits on Bethany even when she tells him Annie is her lesbian lover. Which becomes an excuse to get out of there to go to Bed, across town, almost New Jersey, but our hook up is too drunk to get in. Ludo, the bouncer lets us in, even though it’s a private Indian party. Some dudes suggest a party at the top floor of the Marriot in Time Square. We go, party doesn’t exist. Cab to go home. We see pizza, let us out here! Yum Spinach Roll. The End.


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