Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lizzie texted me last night, "Are you alive my snow baby?"

"More like dirty slush baby."

So New York got over two feet of snow and I really didn't notice the amount until I walked to work Monday through dirty slush and stepped through black ice puddles that looked like asphalt. Lucky for me, my pleather boots turned out to be water proof. Unfortunately, they are not lined. If I had money beyond my budget I would be investing in some seriously geeky water proof, furry lined boots and a long parka with a faux fur hood, so I wouldn't just walk to work but stamp, jump, and conquer snow piles on my way. Those items would also have come in handy when it was snowing on Sunday and Dan suggested sledding in Central Park. If I had those items then I could have hit the hills in Central Park with all the cool kids in elementary school.


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