Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If You Didn't Know...A Truck Speeding Towards You...

is really FREAKING terrifying.

Yes, I was nearly hit by a truck at 8pm. Holy hell! I was crossing the street during a White Man, which means "WALK!" not "HIT PEOPLE!" It was close. Too close. I have been joking for too long that I was going to get get it by a taxi (It happened to an editor I worked with). Once my health insurance kicked in I even boasted that I could get hit! I was kind of excited that I had healthcare...

And at 10:20 pm a Land Rover was driving in REVERSE down First Avenue. OK, this time, it was Red Hand, which means "DON'T GO YOU IDIOT!" Even when there is nobody coming down the street? Red Hand says, "YES! BECAUSE LAND ROVERS LIKE TO DRIVE BACKWARDS AND THROUGH RED LIGHTS ON THIS STREET."

Why, oh why isn't the laundry mat on the east side of the street?


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