Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Cold Conspiracy

I am pretty sure that my office has created a conspiracy to get us to dress better. We journalists, art directors and Internet geeks aren’t the best, or shall I say most professional dressers. (Exception: fashion journalists, I assume, I’ve never actually been in that kind of office…) Jeans day is Friday, but some people rock their dungarees just about everyday of the week, especially in the art department. One co-worker has said, “Pay me more money and I’ll get better clothes.” Ha!

So, it’s definitely not summer any more (yet my face still sweat when I walk to work, ew, but not ew enough not to walk, I call that Smelling it to The Man), but it’s FREEZING in this office, so I have started wearing jackets to create my signature pseudo-suit look (bottom and top doesn’t match, can be different colors or materials, either way, not looking too good is the only requirement).

I thought maybe, this conspiracy was all in my head, that I was the only one that started wearing jackets…but then the accounting guys started wearing long sleeve shirts and ties EVERYDAY instead of their usual polos and khakis. I thought to myself, “Bridget, you are not crazy.”


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