Monday, October 15, 2007

Lists of Things, New York City Edition

Things I do not like:
-horns, I freaking hate them. Seriously there are signs in my
neighborhood that say don't honk, fine: $a lot of money
-cabs, they scare me
-the cost of apartments. a paycheck a month. i should become an
investment banker.
-the cost of cereal...$6! seriously?!!
-that I haven't found a bar i really like
-That there are all these GREAT restaurants and I don't get to eat their food
-The overwhelming possibilities of things to do, stresses me out when
all I want to do is sit on the couch
-When it rains
-When I sweat, profusely, just walking to the subway.
-Redsky, bastards did have my freaking purse!!!
-Gristedes evil cashiers
-That Baskin Robbins is two blocks from my house

Things I like:
-That Baskin Robbins is two blocks from my house
-The choose 6 toppings big ass salads. I can make them last and last.
-That you can get a mani/pedi for less than $25 Monday through Friday.
(Not that I've got one yet. I'm afraid I'll get addicted.)
-The parks! Especially Central Park and Madison Square park, they keep me sane
-The Brooklyn Brewery, freaking cooooool
-The NYC TNT coaches, soooooo crazy
-Free or pay what you wish museum nights
-Blockheads! Margaritas!
-Divine Bar
-The crazy Indian restaurant on the left side with Babu the world's
best waiter who calls me "my friend," and definitely hit on Jackie
-McSwirly's, two beers $4.50: Light or Dark
-Best Cellars tastings on Tuesdays, they always get me to buy
something though, luckily all wines are $15 and under and TASTY!
-That there actually is free stuff to do here.
-NO driving for Bridget. I suck at driving.
-No car for Bridget. It sucks when cars breakdown.
-The abnormal amount of cupcakeries in this city.
-the Greenmarkets...farmer's markets. yum. tomatoes.
-free tastings at Wholefoods, a delicious meal
-the Wholefoods at Columbus Circle, I swear if you have the guts to
make eyes at a hottie, you could get picked up.
-Film festivals!
-Sample sales
-the MArket NYC
-that i've seen Ben Stiller walking down the street and Molly Shannon
in a kids toy store.
-Outdoor FREE movies
-Annie and Jess's parties, especially when I make it to them
-wheeping in front of Outback steakhouse until strangers told me they
were going to call the cops
-Bagel Works
-Bagel and Schmeer
-Java Girl
-Cocoa Bar, a wine and chocolate bar begs the questions, "Why didn't I think of this?"
-playing beer pong in bars
-the pizza place near my house
-The cleaners next door. They are the cutest.
-The cashier at Bagel & Schmeer who looks like he's 14. Not that I
like em young, he's always smiling.
-concerts at Randall's Island


Blogger Emily said...

"-The overwhelming possibilities of things to do, stresses me out when
all I want to do is sit on the couch"

Word! I found your blog browsing while I let myself couch it tonight.

8:14 PM  

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