Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Playing Lost & Found With My Wallet

I lost my wallet. Again.

I got it back. Again.

So is my luck good or bad, or just simply balanced?

I know I have read that New Yorkers have been voted the politest/nicest big city folks. When I'm being shoved out a subway car onto the Grand Central platform and someone may have just grabbed my ass, I'm not thinking New Yorkers are nice people. But when I'm watching a postal worker unlock the mailbox that I may or may not have dropped my wallet into; when I'm listening to a voicemail from my roommate informing me that a little old lady just dropped off my wallet at our apartment; and when the little old lady, who I assume left me her number for a reward, leaves me a voicemail saying that hearing the happiness in my voice was reward enough, I couldn't agree more.


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