Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A New American Product: By Golly, It's Cola Flavored!

Check out this new cola flavored liqueur. Yesterday, I got a bottle of the stuff. For free. Some say I have the best job ever.

I really love PR people. They are always excited. Peppy. Upbeat. They print their press releases onto sparklely gold paper. (The stuff I write comes out on plain white paper from the printer of death.) They also have the power to spread free random logoed stuff to the world like tank tops, bandanas, chapsticks, temporary tatoos. Do they think I'm a 14 year-old girl? eriously, change the logo and leave out the liquor out of the package and it could have been from Bonnie Bell.

But it is liquor. And the bottle will sit on my desk as decoration. Aging. Refining. Until I pack more than 10 people into my apartment (because that would be a challenge) for a cola liqueur tasting. Just like this guy.

I must say that I really enjoy the marketing strategy: "America's Liqueur." Imagine Rod Roddy from the The Price is Right saying the following:

Germany has J├Ągermeister. France has Grand Marnier. And the USA has Redcliff, the COLA FLAVORED LIQUEUR! For a really sick drink mix it with Red Bull!

America, we should really stick to sports. Or fast food.


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